Shimmer and Shine

Shimmer and Shine 2015

Watch Shimmer and Shine Online Show Stream at Shimmer and Shine Streaming SHIMMER AND SHINE follows a young girl named Leah (voiced by Alina Foley), who uses her oil-lamp necklace to call on her genie friends, Shimmer (Eva Bella) and Shine (Isabella Cramp), to help her tackle a different task each day. The twins arrive to grant Leah her three wishes, but mishaps ensue through misunderstandings, forcing all the characters to work together toward an eventual solution. All the while, they have to keep Shimmer and Shines presence secret from Leahs neighbor friend Zac (Blake Bertrand).

S1 Episode 9 : Backyard Ballet
S1 Episode 8 : A Very Genie Halloweenie
S1 Episode 7 : Dino Might
S1 Episode 6 : Abraca-Genie