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Guys Grocery Games 2013

Watch Guys Grocery Games Online Show Stream at Guys Grocery Games Streaming GUYS GROCERY GAMES features chefs shopping for ingredients and preparing dishes in the middle of food markets. Hosted by Guy Fieri, each episode pits four chefs against each other as they shop, chop, and cook gourmet dishes in three intense challenges. The catch? Each challenge places limitations on how much they can spend, the number or size of ingredients they can use, and other things that make their tasks more difficult. Added to the fray are unexpected twists, such as being forced to exchange collected ingredients with competitors and altering recipes on the fly when key ingredients are suddenly out of stock. When time is up after each round, judges such as Top Chef winner Richard Blais, food editor Troy Johnson, and celebrity restaurateur such as Lorena Garcia decide which dishes are the best. Three contestants go home after checking out empty-handed, but the last chef standing in each episode gets to compete for $20,000.

S11 Episode 14 : Impossible Part 4 Finale
S11 Episode 12 : Impossible Part 2
S11 Episode 11 : GGG Impossible: Part One
S11 Episode 9 : Joy To The Judges
S11 Episode 6 : Cooking Channel Cook Off
S11 Episode 5 : Ultimate GGG Rematch
S11 Episode 4 : Fried Feud
S11 Episode 3 : Guilty Pleasures
S11 Episode 2 : Grandma And Grandpa
S11 Episode 1 : Halloween Spook-tacular
S7 Episode 11 : Tournament of Champions: Part 4
S7 Episode 10 : Episode 10
S7 Episode 9 : Episode 9
S7 Episode 8 : Nov 30 2015 Seasons Greetings
S7 Episode 7 : Episode 7
S7 Episode 6 : Episode 6
S7 Episode 5 : Turkey Day Tournament
S7 Episode 4 : Grandmas Grocery Games
S7 Episode 3 : Episode 3
S7 Episode 2 : When Guy Gives You Lemon bars
S7 Episode 1 : Ddd Returns To Ggg