Bomb Girls

Bomb Girls 2013

Watch Bomb Girls Online Show Stream at Bomb Girls Streaming BOMB GIRLS is a dramatic series about the experiences of a group of Canadian women at an Ontario bomb factory during World War II. When Gladys Witham (Jodi Balfour), an engaged socialite with a rebellious streak, goes to work at Victory Munitions, she finds herself surrounded by strong working women like Betty McRae (Ali Liebert), the flirtatious Vera Burr (Anastasia Phillips), and Edith McCallum (Lisa Norton), all of whom question her motives for being there.

S2 Episode 12 : Blood Relations
S2 Episode 11 : Kings and Pawns
S2 Episode 10 : Romeo Foxtrot
S2 Episode 9 : Something Fierce
S2 Episode 8 : Fifth Column
S2 Episode 7 : Party Line
S2 Episode 6 : Where There is Smoke
S2 Episode 5 : The Harder We Fight
S2 Episode 4 : Guests of Honour
S2 Episode 3 : The Enemy Within
S2 Episode 2 : Roses Red
S2 Episode 1 : The Quickening